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Best Allergy Eye DropsBest Allergy Eye Drops This season was HORRIBLE. Here the weather sprinkles in the mixture and has been various day adding mist and shifting from warm and bright to cold and overcast. We’ve had winds blowing . Besides usage of a spray and rinse and my everyday routine of allergy tablets, I have had to split my secret friend.

Burning, dryness, itching, flushing, and debilitating describe the consequences of pollen around the eyes. The issue is times make it even worse and that eye drops the ones burn. I have been known to shout from pain AFTER using drops. I discovered eye drops which have been using it for a couple of years and do the task. There is a bit of a bite when placing in the fall but that subsides because the liquid covers your attention. The relief comes clearing irritation and the redness .

1-2 drops of Naphcon-A can get alleviate itchy, irritated eyes due to seasonal allergies and it does not burn while functioning.

This is, should you have eyes from allergies. Naphcon-A can be purchased in almost any drug store. It’s somewhat more pricey ($8.99-$12.99 per box using just two 5ml bottles) compared to other manufacturers but it’s well worth it. I told the guy about it at Costco since as my things were operating throughout the scanner, this man rubbed his Best Allergy Eye Drops and yelling. Be sure since I appear to need to purchase a new box each allergy season to check the expiration date.




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