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Venous Reflux DiseaseVenous Reflux Disease-Your arteries are intended to transfer blood into the rest of the physique from the heart. Your veins have valves which, make blood does not flow backward due to gravity and also return blood back into your center. These valves are essential to your legs. Your veins lose or so are dilated for a time period if, your valves cannot close properly, which contributes to venous reflux.

What are the signs of diabetes?

The most typical signs of venous reflux are muscular cramping, itching, pain, fatigue, burning, swelling and throbbing. If left untreated, this condition may cause discoloration or skin discoloration .

What causes Venous Reflux Disease?

There Are Many reasons for venous reflux disorder, for example:

  1. A change in hormones caused by menopause and pregnancy
  2. Contraceptive pills or hormone replacement treatment
  3. Fat

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Remedies for this disorder continue to progress. Radiofrequency vein ablation is a method that is frequent nowadays. This entails inserting a catheter into the vein to emit microwave radiation which seals the vein that is affected. There are a number of kinds of treatments which may be used. This method utilizes heat or chemicals to seal the veins. Together with whatever procedure is used as a treatment for venous reflux disease, your physician will recommend changes. Elevating your legs intermittently and wearing compression stockings are strategies prevent varicose veins and to alleviate pain.

If you believe you could be suffering from venous reflux, speak with a vein specialist in the Reeder Vein Institute about a individualized treatment alternative which might be appropriate for you. Contact us online now or call us directly at 972.566.3040 at Dallas or 817.438.7260 at Fort Worth.

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