Explanation 12-4-8 Fertilzer?

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12 4 8 FertilizerI planted approximately 20 trees in Tyler, TX in the backyard of my mother. They are at the floor, mulched, etc., and it is cold as hell so we are leaving them alone until February.For when it is time I have been exploring the fertilizer to get them. All documentation for all 3 kinds have stated 12 4 8 fertilizer makeup while I am not interested in debating whether or not to fertilize.

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I have looked around for 12 4 8 fertilizer. Nothing. I have discovered fertilizer spikes rose for trees, but nothing in 12-4-8, which I guess would do the job equally well. Is there a gap? Can anybody recommend a fertilizer, preferably I can purchase on line?

I can not locate any fertilizer yet it is recommended by each site. The dirt here is clay along with breaking up the dirt about February, so, I want 12-4-8 fertilizer to help growth.

Please allow me to know.

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