Tips for a Fast Recovery and Staying Fit after C-Section

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tips for fast recovery and stay fit after C-section

C-section is a major surgery that leaves terrible pain. Even the smallest motion such as shifting from the bed, coughing, and laughing will make the wound extremely painful. This condition can take up to six to 12 months after surgery. Be patient and give your body a time to recover. There are some tips for a fast recovery and staying fit after C-section you can follow to allow your body gets well immediately.

What to Do to Restore Body Fitness and Reduce Pain after C-Section

  • Have a Walk

Pain after C-section might lead you to think that walking is terrible. But it is important to “train” your movement. Strengthen your physic and get spirit as much as possible. Try to walk 24 hours after C-section. Ask for help from nurse or anyone around to get you up from bed. Walk slowly to smooth blood circulation. If you just lie down, blood clots might occur. This leads to the more serious condition. Walking 24 hours after C-section is also helpful to prevent you from constipation. This is one of the tips for a fast recovery and staying fit after C-section that is often recommended by doctors.

  • Manage Emotion

It is natural to have different emotion after C-section. Maybe you never wished to undergo C-section as you wish to give birth naturally. Throw away this feeling because it will increase the pain and lead to depression, fatigue, and anxiety. A study indicated that women who underwent c-section in giving birth tend to feel unsatisfied with their birthing experience. Another study found that those who underwent cesarean delivery experience a strong feeling of anger, failure, and loss. Try to manage this condition.

Don’t hesitate to express what can make you happy and comfortable to your husband, parents, or close people. It will make you better. Don’t ignore sadness, disappointment, and exhaustion that you feel. Tell the closest people about what you are feeling and experiencing of. Don’t hesitate to consult a psychologist if there are some signs of postpartum depression such as negative feelings for a long time. You can feel really sad, hopeless, desperate, or any other disturbing thought.

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  • Take Care of Your Wound

After C-section, new skin cells will grow in the area around the wound. But these skin cells are sensitive, so you have to avoid sun exposure. In addition, it is important to take care of the wound by keeping its hygiene. You can request a home visit service from nurse or midwife to take care of the wound.

  • Go on Healthy Diet

Another important thing to do of tips for a fast recovery and staying fit after C-section is going on a healthy diet. Avoid foods and drinks which produce gas because after giving birth you tend to accumulate excess gas. It is recommended to consume fiber-rich foods that avoid constipation such as spinach, black beans, avocado, pear, oatmeal, and barley. Yogurt is also good for you since it can maintain the bacterial balance.
Rich-protein foods are also important to help new cell and tissue growth as well as restore muscle power. Foods that contain a high level or protein include egg, cheese, fish, and dairy foods.

Follow these tips for a fast recovery and staying fit after C-section with positive thinking. As long as you are happy and fit, your role as a mother with a newborn baby will be exciting.



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