How To Reduce Alzheimer

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Reduce Alzheimer

You probably do not want Reduce Alzheimer to happen to you especially if you are still under 30 years old. Alzheimer often happens because of some factor like age, genetic where they are outside of control. Alzheimer can cause no matter who you are, and how old are you, depends on your daily habit and lifestyle. However, you can minimize the cause of Alzheimer itself and control your brain function.

Here are some beneficial things to do to reduce Alzheimer:

  • Regular exercise.
    Excercise is really beneficial to your body, that can reduce Alzheimer up to 50 percent according to Alzheimer research and Prevention Foundation. Exercise can protect you against Alzheimer’s by stimulating the ability of your brain to maintain old connections. Balance and coordination exercise can avoid spills and help you to stay agile. You can try Yoga, Tai chi or exercise using balance balls.
  • Social engagement.
    We can not deny that human is highly social creature. You meet many people and even new one every day, in the family, school, work, and other places, so it’s impossible to avoid the problem with people. However, staying engagement with people can help you reduce Alzheimer because social engagement sometimes makes you happy and make your memory are fresh again. you don’t need to be like party people or highly social people that must interact with many circumstances. You can do social activities like volunteering, get to know your neighbors, get out for a movie, the park or other social places or even join a social positive club.

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  • Healthy diet.
    When it comes to Alzheimer, insulin resistance, inflammation can injure neurons and inhibit communication between cells of your brain. By controlling and adjusting what you eat, you can easily reduce inflammation and protect your brain. You have to reduce the consumption of sugar, avoid trans fat, get plenty of omega-3 fat, eat more fruit and vegetables, enjoy a daily cup of tea to make you relax, and avoid junkie food. these activities may reduce the stress as well as keep you moving that can help for developing of your Alzheimer.
  • Mental stimulation.
    Doing new thing or new activities can help you to stimulate your brain working. Those who learn new things and challenge their brain are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. You can also try to play a strategy game, puzzles and riddles to provide a mental workout for your brain.
  • Quality sleep.
    Sleeping well is not merely about how long you get to sleep, but also it’s about how good you to maintain and schedule your sleep. Before you are going to bed, make sure that you do not have many things to think. Enjoy and relax as long as you can and keep your brain free from distraction like sounds, light and whatever to make you really hard to sleep.

Alzheimer can be reduced even though it’s really hard to prevent, but you can try above tips to reduce Alzheimer.

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