The Real Great Benefits of Matcha and the Need to Be Cautious

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real great benefits of matchaA lot of people are raving about the real great benefits of matcha. Japan’s most renowned tea is now the primadonna of the healthy lifestyle. As the bountiful benefits of matcha become more known, more people get interested in trying. Now, many beverages and foods have matcha as one of the ingredients. You can find lattes, cookies, cakes, and more edible things have matcha labels.

Due to the larger number of options, you may start wondering which one to eat. And perhaps you start to wonder whether the health benefits are still there. The answer is both yes and no. Matcha is still very healthy but depending how it gets served, it can become not particularly healthy.

The Healthy Benefits in Matcha

Let’s talk more about the real great benefits of matcha. There are multiple benefits you can get from the regular matcha intake. The followings are the benefits waiting to be taken by you or anyone who wishes to get them:

  • The Storehouse of Antioxidants Especially EGCg

A cup of matcha has way more antioxidants compared to a cup of regular green tea. Antioxidants are known to be great nutrients and enzymes that will help your body fighting the harmful free radicals. Your body’s immune system will receive a great improvement.

Amongst the many antioxidants in matcha, there is one called epigallocatechin or EGCg. It is a type of catechin and widely known for its ability to fight cancer. The scientists found out that matcha has 100 times more EGCg compared to any other kind of tea.

  • Relaxing, Improving Mood, and Boosting Concentration and Memory

One of the real great benefits of matcha is the existence of amino acid called L-Theanine. It will affect the production of serotonin and dopamine. These two are chemicals that will boost memory and also boost concentration. L-Theanine will also help relaxation by boosting alpha waves production. Your mood will also be improved.

  • Increasing Endurance and Energy Level

Matcha is very energizing. You may think that it’s due to caffeine. However, it’s actually because of unique combinations of nutrients such as L-theanine in matcha. Because of this, matcha can be energizing without giving you jitters. A bowl of matcha will boost endurance and energy for up to 6 hours. Yes, matcha gives you the clean energy.

  • Helps to Burn Calories

If you’re trying to lose weight and happen to check the real great benefits of matcha, you’ll certainly love this benefit. As you drink matcha, you will receive a boost of body metabolism. This will help you to burn body fats faster. And you will not get negative effects from the boost like you find in other weight loss aids.

  • Body Detoxification

Three weeks before harvest period, matcha leaves will be covered in order to block sunlight. This makes every leaf deprived of sunlight and thus the tremendous production of chlorophyll started. As the results, tons of high-quality chlorophyll can be found. And thus matcha becomes powerful detoxifier capable of removing chemical toxins and even heavy metals.

  • Balancing Cholesterol

Matcha can help lower bad cholesterol level while increasing good cholesterol levels. Researchers are still uncertain about this but the proofs can be found out there. People who drink matcha have 11% lower risks of heart disease.

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The Best Way to Take Matcha

If you wish to get the real great benefits of matcha, you need to take it in the best possible way. And the best way is the traditional way. It means that you need to mix matcha powder with hot water in a bowl or cup. It’s better not to add any other things such as sugar.

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