Should I Become a Physical Therapist and Attend One of the Physical Therapy Schools in Ohio

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physical therapy schools in OhioShould I go and attend one of the physical therapy schools in Ohio in order to become a physical therapist? As you will graduate from high school, you may start questioning the possible careers for you. Amongst the ideas popping in your head, a physical therapist may be one of them. The problem now is, should you consider this option further? Well, why not?

Every single career path needs to be properly considered. This one is no exception. It’s important to learn about a career path as much as possible. You need to understand the merits and demerits of this career before seriously taking it. You also need to ask yourself several questions regarding the study and the career. Will you get bored? Is the job challenging? How much the income I will earn? And many more questions.

What it’s Like to Be a Physical Therapist?

Before searching for physical therapy schools in Ohio, you may want to know what it’s like working as a physical therapist. Typically, a therapist has busy day. They will examine and treat patients and often need to also write down exercise routines for every patient to follow. The job also involves writing down the medical reports about the progress made by the patients during the treatments.

What’s Good About Being a Physical Therapist?

Now, let’s see the pros of choosing physical therapy career. There are actually many good things about being a physical therapist. The followings are just some of the many reasons:

  • Less education is needed compared to other medical careers such as a physician.


  • The physical therapists are currently in demand and the working field continues to grow. In other words, you have a lot of opportunities.


  • You can work in different places. You may work in a hospital, schools, rehabilitation centers, wellness centers and much more.


  • The salary is excellent! In every year, you may earn $50,000 to $75,000


  • Reasonable schedules compared to doctors and nurses. There’s no need to work for 16 hours a day or night shifts.


  • The job is highly satisfying as you continue to help people making changes in life.

What’s Bad about Being a Physical Therapist?

There are always cons after the pros. While the pros are good enough to convince you to start finding physical therapy schools in Ohio, the cons need to be checked too. The followings are the cons:

  • It takes a long time before you become a full fledged physical therapist. You will need to spend four years to acquire a physical therapy degree and three years to complete your requirements. Once you choose this career, there’s no turning back especially if you don’t want to waste money.


  • The job is demanding! While working to help other people, you will also need to help yourself to stay as healthy as possible. Aside from that, the job also poses physical demands.


  • There will be risks of burnouts. You will help many people who have problems and it can be problematic to you too in a long term.


And those are the things you must consider before applying to attend one of the physical therapy schools in Ohio. This is not a bad career but can be bad if you cannot deal with things occurring along with your career path.

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