Finding Reasons to Get and Not to Get the Physical Therapy Liability Insurance

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Finding Reasons to Get and Not to Get the Physical Therapy Liability Insurance


The physical therapy liability insurance exists for one purpose. It is to help physical therapies from the personal financial issues. If you have yet to realize it, the job of physical therapists is prone to allegations of the sexual misconduct as well as negligence. Your clients may charge you with a claim if they don’t get the results that they expected.

The nature of work in physical therapy truly forces you to be cautious. You may have been wondering for a while, do you really need the insurance. When you ask around, you will find various answers. Some people think that it’s an important thing to have while some people think the otherwise. The two clashing opinions cause confusion as experts continue to argue.

The Personal Coverage is Not Particularly Needed

Some experts believe that physical therapy liability insurance is not particularly necessary. That it does more harm than good. According to these experts, the insurance should be covered by the employers. Individual coverage is not necessary and even may make employers hesitant to hire a professional. Why? Employers will be the ones who are held responsible for this matter.

When an employee messed up and mentioned in a law suit, the employer needs to take responsibility. As a law suit can harm the image of a clinic, it becomes important to actually do something to the employee (the physical therapist). Finding the name and remove it immediately needs to be done. However, this will get complicated and difficult if that physical therapist has personal insurance. In other words, a personal insurance can become the inconvenience for the employers.

The Personal Coverage is Important

You may work independently as physical therapist or even employed in a clinic and a personal coverage is still important. It is the way to protect yourself from the claim or allegation against your services. When you are employed, you may have been protected by your employer. However, the physical therapy liability insurance usually doesn’t include protection of your personal assets.

Do not underestimate what an allegation or claim can do to you as professional. Just one claim, whether justified or not, will impede the career you chose and take a significant time from your job. A claim can cost you thousands of dollars to defend at the court. One claim can cause you so many problems. Therefore, acquiring the personal coverage is the way to go.

What to Do Next? Which One to Be Preferred?

The next question is to find the best possible option. Both opinions will continue to clash and you will want a précised answer. Every individual will have the different situation. It is important for you to consider various factors before taking a decision.

The one thing that you can do if you ever feel confuse is to talk to your personal attorney. You may also consult this matter with an unbiased consultant who understands the things in physical therapy liability insurance. It takes a time to consider many things and the final decision is ultimately yours.

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