Important Menstrual Hygiene Tips for Girls and Women

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important menstrual hygiene

During a period, most women and girls might experience some discomforts such as fatigue, body pain, and sensitive mood. These discomforts make women sometimes neglect the hygiene during a menstrual period. Whatever condition you are going through, being hygienic is a must.  Here are some important menstrual hygiene tips you should know and follow.

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1. Choose Appropriate Sanitary Product Wisely

Since there are a plenty of sanitary products, you need to be more selective. Choose pad or tampon with comfortable material with high absorption. Choose a trusted brand that suits you well.

2.Change Pad or Tampon 3-5 Times in a Day

Lots of activities sometimes make women forget or slack to change their pads or tampons. Whereas, using unchanged pads or tampons for more than 3 hours affects intimate hygiene and health. It will be more humid and riskful of being infected by bacteria. Change your pad or tampon at least every 3 hours or even every 2 hours when you are having a heavy menstrual bleeding.

3.Clean an Intimate Organ Before Using Pad or Tampon

Before putting your clean pad or tampon on, clean your intimate organ by washing it with clean water. Some physicians don’t recommend women to use feminine hygiene wash because it will kill good bacteria in the vagina. So, warm water is enough as long as you wash it properly. Washing intimate regularly any time you change pad or tampon is also useful to prevent it from odor. A right way to wash vagina is doing it from vagina to backward (anus area). Don’t wash it in opposite motion because bacteria from the anus carried into the vagina. It causes infection in the urinary tract and urethral opening. Make sure you dry the area you have washed before. Avoid wearing a panty with the vaginal area wet because it leads fungus growth.

4.Throw Your Used Pad or Tampon Away in a Proper Way

Discarding the used sanitary product is another part of menstrual hygiene tips. It is really important to do because they are able to spread infection and odor. Wash it properly until it is really clean and there is no more blood. Then, wrap it properly using sanitary napkin wrapper. Don’t flush it down the toilet because it causes a blockage. Lastly, don’t forget to wash your hands properly using anti-bacterial soap.

  • 5.Avoid Pad Rash

A pad rash is a common problem that women might experience during a menstrual period. It occurs when the pad has been used for a long time. Then it rubs along the thigh, causing a rash. Staying dry during period will prevent you from a rash. Applying an antiseptic ointment on the affected area is one of the  alternative ways to avoid this risk.

6.Choose an Appropriate Panty

Avoid wearing a tight panty because it makes you wetter. Choose a panty with comfortable and soft material that allows air circulation like cotton. Wear a loose cotton panty during a menstrual period to keep the intimate dry and fresh.

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