Checking The Healthy Cooking Oil Facts In Search For The Best Way To Use It

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Checking the Healthy Cooking Oil Facts in Search for the Best Way to Use It


We need healthy sources of fats and amongst them, there are oils used for cooking the meals. Oils can be unhealthy for the body. However, some oils are really good if you use them in the right ways. Therefore, it’s important to check on the healthy cooking oil facts if you truly wish to cook healthy diet every day. There are so many options available and you need the healthiest possible choice.

The Top 3 Best Cooking Oils

Some cooking oils come out on top when it comes to being healthy. The top cooking oils also have notable benefits for health if they are used properly.


  • Olive Oil

There is no doubt that olive oil comes on top. The oil is rich in antioxidant with anti inflammatory properties called polyphenols. It is useful for cancer prevention and has the potential to improve memory and cognitive functions. According to the healthy cooking oil facts, olive oil has a considerably low smoke point. In other words, the oil is not suitable for high-heat cooking.

Usage Suggestion:
Unrefined olive oil (extra virgin olive oil) is good for low-heat cooking and dressing. Meanwhile, virgin or pure olive oils will be great for baking, roasting as well as cooking in frying pans.

  • Flaxseed Oil

This oil is rich in omega-3s and capable of helping to lower the high blood pressure. Aside from that, flaxseed oil will help to protect the heart. Unfortunately, this oil is not suitable for cooking. It quickly goes rancid especially when you put it on top of heat.

Usage Suggestion:
Use flaxseed oil only for applications that require low temperature such as dressing salads. You need to always remember to store the oil in the refrigerator or the oil will go rancid.

  • Canola Oil

Healthy cooking oil facts mention that this cooking oil is really good overall. It is rich in omega-3s and has a high smoke point. If you have the habit of frying some of your foods from time to time, the oil can be an ideal choice. Make sure that you get organic canola oil and avoid the genetically modified variant.

Usage Suggestion:
There is no particular suggestion because the oil is flexible. You can use it for low-heat or even high-heat cooking. You may also use it as dressing for your salad.

The Considerably Bad Cooking Oils to Be Avoided

Cooking oils are not equal to one another. Some of them are considered bad for the body and you need to think twice or even avoid them altogether. Make sure to think twice to use the following oils.

  • Coconut Oil

While it has long shelf life, the oil also has tons of saturated fats. With that being said, saturated fats are not created as equals. The saturated fats in coconut oil are considered better compared to the saturated fats found in butter. Still, it cannot compete with the top healthy oils.

  • Corn Oil

This oil is good when it comes to helping to lower the levels of bad cholesterol. It also has the high smoke point which makes it ideal for cooking. However, the oil has an odd ratio of omega-6 and omega-3. The ratio is 49:1 while the optimal ratio is 4:1.

  • Vegetable Oil

Surprise, surprise! According to the healthy cooking oil facts, vegetable oils are not particularly healthy. Most of the time, the oil is made of soybean although that it may get mixed with safflower or canola oil. It’s one of the worst because of the unrefined variant almost a non-existent.

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