A Law like Florida Dog Bite Law is Necessary But Self Caution Also Important

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Florida Dog Bite LawFlorida dog bite law is one amongst the many similar laws created to control the damage done by dog bites. Dogs are cute and funny. They make great companions and certainly loved by many people. However, let’s not forget that dogs bite and they may even make their victims admitted to the hospital. It’s also important to remember how dog bites can be infectious (including rabies and tetanus).

Why Do Dogs Bite?

Every year, approximately four and a half million people in the United States get bitten by dogs. It’s obvious that a law like Florida dog bite law is important. The question now is why these dogs bite? There are several reasons to the dog bite. And they are as the followings:

  • Possessiveness

Dogs often bite because of protecting something. It could be food, toys, their human companions, and territories. When it comes to foods, the possessiveness becomes food aggression and the dogs may even attack the hands feeding them.

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  • Maternal Instinct

Even when you have trained your dog very well, she can still bite out of the instinct to protect her puppies. This is a very natural thing and you will be the one who needs to be extra cautious.

  • Fear

Dogs can feel fear too and it’s their instinct to bite to protect themselves from the thing they thought as dangerous. Usually, dogs will fear strangers such as a veterinarian.

  • The Prey Drive

Have you ever get chased by a dog because you run without realizing that a dog is nearby? This kind of chase may not end well unless the dog is restrained and cannot go to chase you down. This is a natural instinct of dogs.

  • Pain

Sometimes, this happens. A dog is in pain but mishandled by someone. They cannot tell you directly about the pain. What they can do is instinctively bite the one that makes their pain worse.

Who Should Be Cautious of Dog Bites

Aside from seeking Florida dog bite law protection, one should be cautious. Whoever has dogs around will need to be cautious. If you have pet dogs, you must be cautious. The more dogs you have around, the more risk of dog bites you have. The children under the age of thirteen are often bitten by dogs. About half victims of dog bites are these children.

Younger children are more prone to dog bites because they have yet to understand how to handle a dog. The obliviousness often leads these children to mishandle dogs and hence got bitten. The adults around these children are the ones who need to pay more attention.

What Should Be Done to Prevent Dog Bites?

There are several ways to prevent dog bites. You can choose a dog breed suitable for you and your family situation. And the most important thing of all, you need to train your dog properly. Additionally, you also need to teach children the correct way to handle the dogs. You can’t always charge the dogs with Florida dog bite law. It’s important for you to consider whether you have done the right thing or not.

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