Best Allergy Medicine for Kids: Which One Should I Choose?

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best allergy medicine for kidsIt is difficult to cure children’s allergies. However, you can help relieve the symptoms and make them feel better. There are various types of allergies in children you should know. By knowing them, you can decide the types of allergy medicines. For example, if children experience nasal allergy, there are several nasal medicines to soothe the symptom. Choosing the best allergy medicine for kids, make sure you read and follow the direction.

Best Allergy Medicine for Kids: Over-the-Counter and Prescribed Medicines

  1. Antihistamine Basics

When the allergic reaction attacks your children, histamine is released. It is a chemical that usually makes their nose runny or stuffy as well as makes their eyes watery and itchy. Antihistamines are the common first medications chosen to treat allergies. These medicines work well in blocking histamine effects. Though certain brands of antihistamine can be considered as the best allergy medicine for kids, they have pros and cons. There are several things to know about antihistamine:


  • Reliable for drippy and itching nose but not really effective for congestion and stuffy nose
  • They work quickly and flexible to use for both on and off throughout the allergy period.
  • They work best for intermittent symptoms.
  • Some of them should be dosed every 4-6 hours because they are short-acting
  • The longer-acting types are dosed every 12-24 hours.


Several sources mention some recommended antihistamines for kids such as Claritin, Benadryl, Zyrtec, and Allegra.


  • Claritin- takes around 3 hours to work and contains less level of sedating than Zyrtec.
  • Zyrtec-it works more quickly than Claritin (1 hour), but more cause drowsiness than Claritin.
  • Allegra-it contains the least level of sedative but short-acting. It is usually dosed for children 12 years and older
  • Benadryl- It is a short-acting medicine that is usually taken every 4-6 hours.  It causes drowsiness more than Claritin, Zyrtec, and Allegra.

The best suggestion before using antihistamine is consulting your pediatrician. He will recommend the best medicine for your kid. According to some experts, these meds should be taken before the symptoms start. Before bedtime is also the best time to give allergy meds to children because at this time (between 4 a.m and 6.a.m.) the symptoms of allergy often go worse. Giving meds before they go to sleep will control their morning symptoms.

  1. Nasal Spray Basics

Nasal sprays typically contain a little amount of steroid. It works to fight swelling. This allergy medicine can be considered as the best allergy medicine for kids, especially for stuffy nose and congestion. Some nasal sprays that are often chosen include Rhinocort, Nasal Crom, Nasocort OTC, and Flonase. Rhinocort, Flonase, and Nasacort OTC are alcohol and scent-free, typically similar but Rhinocort is more expensive. Nasal Crom is non-steroid nasal spray but contains cell stabilizer.

In choosing and giving nasal sprays for kids, make sure they are well instructed on how to use them. Even though you provide them the best allergy medicine for kids, without proper technique and dosage, they won’t work as you wish.

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