The Benefit of Associate’s Degree in Physical Therapy for Students

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Associate’s Degree in Physical Therapy


Physical therapy has several paths of careers to choose. Once you have chosen a career in physical therapy, it is important to get information about the paths of career. Of course, Associate’s Degree In Physical Therapy will support you in a competition. The students, who plan to become a physical therapist, must hold a degree in master’s program. However, those who are interested in becoming physical therapy assistants can register in an Associate of Science in PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant)

What Students Will Learn?

The students will have to complete 72-111 credits, but some schools may allow them to complete general education courses as main priorities. They will have some core courses that include physical therapy, physiology and anatomy, kinesiology, techniques of rehabilitation, and therapeutic exercise. They are also required to go on clinical training at schools that own credible facilities of health care. Some online instructions are provided for students in order to ease the process. But unfortunately, these are quite rare.

Associate’s Degree in Physical therapy requires 2-year associate’s degree before having a license to practice. Besides obtaining both physical therapy theory and practice, the students will study the basic science in a medical field, general education courses and gain hands-on experience in a clinical internship.

By this overview, it is known that an Associate’s Degree in Physical Therapy program prepares students’ careers as physical therapist assistants (PTAs). The programs provide students both classroom lectures and clinical experiences. These help students to improve required skills in working with patients in a professional healthcare setting.

Some Other Improved Specific Skills

Before being instructed to go their duties as physical therapist assistants, students learn healthcare science, human anatomy, and medical terminology. Clinical experiences will teach and train students how to communicate personally with patients, administer the basic level of therapeutic exercise, and of course, handle real problems that commonly occur in the medical field and hospital environment. The students will have to complete 4-5 semesters for this program. At the first term (half semester) of the program consists of the science and theory examinations. The next second half of the program is used for some courses related to laboratory and clinical work. The courses will explore some issues such as; kinesiology and human anatomy, disabilities procedures, science laboratory, clinical physical therapy, physical therapy fundamentals, and musculoskeletal conditions.

In conclusion, career opportunities for physical therapists are wide, especially for those who hold Associate’s Degree In Physical Therapy. The data found in 2015 showed that around 81,000 physical therapist assistants in the US are employed in many healthcare organizations. The opportunity in this field is predicted to increase up to 41% during 2014-2014. This is a fantastic rise compared to other professions. Occupation in physical therapy also promises good salary. For physical therapist assistants, they will earn up to $ 65,000.

Continuing Education and Certification in Physical Therapy

The requirement required by the majority of states is that physical therapist assistants should have licensure. It can be gained by passing the exam conducted by the National Physical Therapy. The individuals need to hold an Associate’s Degree In Physical Therapy accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education. It is important to know that physical therapist assistants are not allowed to become physical therapists without earning a master’s degree in this field.

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