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bariatric surgery tampaBariatric Surgery Tampa Most post-bariatric surgical treatment patients encounter an extreme lack of skin firmness and massive fat loss over a short time of time. These types of patients in many cases are left with loose skin the fact that no longer has got the elasticity to conform to your slimmer form. Body shaping procedures can be carried out to help the patient’s pores and skin fit the brand new slimmer form. These methods are often known as total body lift up.

Post-bariatric physique contouring methods differ significantly from shaping procedure performed on regular weight sufferers. They require the surgeon to deal with the entire physique circumferentially, instead of one or two particular areas. For that reason the methods are different, encounter is crucial and exercising remarkable safety measures will be needed.

Doctor Baddoura comes with an extensive encounter in physique contouring from the massive fat loss patient. This individual sees among 5 and 10 fresh post-bariatric individual a week in the private perform. He identifies the psychological need and physical difficulties of these sufferers and refines his methods and methods accordingly. In the practice, substantial weight loss sufferers get a comprehensive work up to ensure that their excess weight has stable and that they are set physically and mentally intended for the surgical treatment. He clarifies to his patient the extent of body shaping procedures required to achieve the required result can vary from 1 patient to a different.

Most sufferers require a tummy tuck abdominoplasty, lower physique lift (lift of buttock and external thighs), seat belt lipectomy (combination of tummy tuck abdominoplasty and reduced body lift), inner upper thighs and hands lift, breasts lift and augmentation, your neck and facelift. These types of procedures are often done in mixture on diverse stages. Every combination is restricted to a six-hour operation, and also the waiting time between for each set of surgical procedures ranges coming from weeks to many months to make sure patient security. Dr Baddoura believes that every patient is exclusive and matches these methods to achieve the most effective esthetic physical appearance.Bariatric Surgery Tampa


An incision is made in the pubic hairline from waist to waist. Skin is usually lifted through the underlying cells, muscles will be tightened and stitched. Excess fat and extra pores and skin is eliminated. The extra pores and skin at the pubic area is usually lifted ” up ” at the same time if the extra pores and skin of the belly is drawn down. The incision is usually closed without any outside joint. Surgical canal are placed intended for few days and patients might need to wear compression garments intended for few weeks intended for faster recovery. Recovery is generally within 3 to 4 weeks.


A long incision is made starting at the hand pit and stretching towards the elbow. Extra skin, excess fat and other cells are eliminated and staying skin is usually brought collectively and sewn for a thinner contour. Canal are remaining in place intended for few days. Clothing are always useful. Recovery is generally within 2 to 3 weeks.

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A great incision is created strategically within the upper thighs and over the groin -wrinkle to minimize presence of marks. This is regularly combined with liposuction of the whole thigh to get rid of most of the unnecessary sagging pores and skin. Surplus pores and skin is eliminated; lifting and approximating collectively of staying skin is completed to form the brand new contour from the thigh. Canal are also required for few days. Compression garment are useful for couple weeks. Recovery is at three to four several weeks.

Meticulous showing of the individual in the preoperative standing placement is extremely important to attain symmetrical and esthetic outcomes. An incision is made over the lower back simply above the buttock midline -wrinkle. Excess pores and skin and excess fat is excised symmetrically within the lower back, raising the loose buttock and outer upper leg area. Canal are required in the post-operative period.
Seat belt lipectomy may be the combination of reduced body lift up and your tummy tuck. Seat belt lipectomy generally requires hospitalization and much longer recovery period.Bariatric Surgery Tampa


Nearly all patients with massive fat loss surgery will need breast enhancement combined with breasts lift seeing that a large proportion of the tissues in the breast is dropped with fat loss. The breasts lift requires a scar tissue around the areola and at the inferior half the breast also known as “lollipop incision”. Patients accomplish good top breast volume and esthetically pleasing bosom with this process. No canal are required and restoration is within 2 to 3 week

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